WHO is Seline van der Wat?


We all know the pretty ‘girl-next-door’, Seline van der Wat, from Master Chef SA. We got an exclusive inside look at Seline’s style.

Style36: WHO is Seline van der Wat?

Seline van der Wat: Seline van der Wat is a down-to-earth, fun loving, OCD, previous engineer, who is now fairy dancing her way through the pastry and food world.

S36: WHAT was your ‘first initial fashion moment’?

SW: I remember becoming obsessed with clothes when we played Spice Girls – it was the first time I realised that your choice of clothes can define or highlight your personality. [As soon as] we were old enough, we [began] going to our cousin, Marianne Fassler’s, fashion shows at [Cape Town] Fashion Week. I love seeing the way clothes move on a runway – it is so mesmerizing.

S36: WHAT is your fashion ‘guilty pleasure’?

SW: Beautiful high heeled shoes; or, well, shoes in general. I have more than 60 pairs.

S36: WHY do you love online shopping?

SW: I love the fact that I can order a beautiful black tie event dress, sitting in my PJs on my couch! It is just so convenient – and it’s easier to compare brands, search by colour or style etc. without having to go into multiple stores.


Seline spotted at Men’s Health Menswear Collection Fashion Spectacular in a Selfie dress from Style36.

S36: AND who is your favourite South African designer/label?

SW: Cari Stephenson [Tart] and Gavin Rajah.

S36: HOW would you describe your style in one sentence?

SW: Depends on my mood! I’m a bit of an adventurous flower child. I am at my happiest in a flowy dress but I also love some heels, skinnies and a pretty top.

S36: WHERE is your happy place?
SW: I love the beach or, better yet, a mountain with a beach. So, pretty much Cape Town.

S36: YOU feel most powerful when you wear…?

SW: Killer heels and a fitted waist dress.


S36: NOW, what can we expect from you in 2014?

SW: I have left my engineering job, so I am starting my own venture called “Es” which does food media, food writing, cakes, dinners (pop-up restaurant, business catering, tasting menu dinners) and then demonstrations and team building! Very busy year ahead as we rep certain brands like Kenwood and certain festivals and food shows, like the Coffee and Chocolate Expo. We will also be releasing our very first cookbook and look forward to that.


By: Eduan Roos
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